3 Reasons Your Company Needs Google Analytics

Jesse Ewing-Frable
, Marketing Director

Setting Goals

Simply put, if you want your company to achieve specific actions, configuring goals in Google Analytics is an excellent way to measure your progress. Details on goal templates and/or customizable goals can be found here:

According to Google Analytics, “When a visitor to your site or user of your app performs an action defined as a goal, Analytics records that as a conversion.” Conversions are classified as the completion of a certain number of downloads, donations, clicks to a page, etc.

Understanding Your Audience

Linking Google Analytics to your website allows you access to data which presents detailed information about the people who are engaging with your site. Ok, ok. But how is data retrieval just as important as your 2 o’clock meeting or social media post? Ultimately, numbers are a significant indicator of behavior which, when interpreted, will further your understanding of your audience’s demographic.

In regards to demographic, some factors which can be tracked include gender, race, location, type of device, and many more. Adjusting the date near the top right of the “Reporting” page will help you compare the fluctuation of these factors over time. Where are people when they visit your site and what kind of devices are they using? Interpreting this data will help you assess your company’s impact—how are you reaching certain age groups and how can you do a better job of engaging others? Subsequently, if you are marketing to a particular age group, how do they interact with your site and how can you use that information to successfully communicate with them? If you want to learn a bit more about where to locate these features, here’s an article which details where to find specific user data once your site is linked:

Inevitably, if your company uses Google Analytics (or any other data retrieval platform) it’s critical that you create a Privacy Policy if you do not already have one. Google Analytics Terms of Service indicates that, in order to use the program, your site must include a Privacy Policy which communicates what kind of data you are importing and how you use that data to better user experience (par. 7). Writing a policy informs users that you believe their time and privacy carry weight. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about why Privacy Policies are important in the context of receiving and interpreting data, or would like to update your current policy, check out this this post by iubenda which outlines some critical measures of transparency:

Optimizing Your Content

Taking things further, making sure your Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts are linked will help you discover what kinds of words and phrases people are searching for in their browser and/or on your site and what language is proving successful in your campaigns. Once you’ve linked your accounts, the Keyword Planner feature under the “Tools” tab will help you review keyword forecasts and trends which are modified to your company’s service. This is a great way to continually evaluate whether or not your content is relevant to what people are searching for and #fresh enough to be favorably ranked.




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