Best Times to Post on Social Media

James Rehwald
, Marketing Director

Clock and Calendar

“When do I make this post on our Facebook Page?  Should I post this Instagram of our office space in the early morning or the evening?  Do I Pin during the weekend or weekday?  When do I tweet and retweet?"

These are all valid questions with data-backed answers, thankfully.

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While the content of a social media post is obviously important, the timing of your posts carries significance towards maximizing your audience reach.  Different social media outlets each carry their own niche purpose, general audience, and varying high traffic times throughout each week.  Let’s look at the best times and days (considering the time zone for your largest target audience demographic) to post to popular social media outlets, plain and simple:



LinkedIn Logo

Best days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Best times: 7-8AM and 5-6PM



Facebook Logo

Best day: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Best times: 1-4PM



Twitter Logo

Best days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Best times: 1-3PM




Best days: Saturday
Best times: 2-4PM and 8-11PM



Google+ Logo

Best day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs, and Friday
Best times: 9-11AM



Tumblr Logo

Best days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday
Best times: 7-10PM



Instagram Logo

Best day: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Best times: 1-4PM


Experiment with Timing for Better Results

Given that these times can also vary based upon your audience's location, behavior, and access to social media among other factors, the best way to observe how much of your audience you are reaching is to use either built-in or 3rd party social media measurement/analytics/management tools such as Buffer, HootSuite, SproutSocial, Bitly, or Ocktopost.  To learn more about these social media management tools, check out our previous blog post.

Experimenting by making posts at different times/days and then observing the increases or decreases in reach quantity (as well as interaction) will provide valuable data for timing future posts to better maximize your target audience reach.


Timing your posts correctly is just one of ways to better reach and engage your audience.  Contact us today to see how else we can help you!


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