Case Study On SEO

Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director



A client came DDG for SEO because they were lacking good search results with Google. They needed to improve their new page sessions as well as their organic search results.




DDG used a pretty standard playbook of discover, benchmark, create, optimize, and measure to improve the client's SEO. We started by linking all of their accounts, and researching keywords that are relevant to their brand. DDG than touched over 200 pages of content to ensure best practices were being implemented. This included copy writing, making changes to the sitemap, as well strategically placing keywords over the client’s website. This combined with meta descriptions and title tags increased the organic search traffic by 156.21% and increased new page sessions by 384.22%. DDG followed up with the client to ensure best practices were continually being implemented in the lifecycle of the website.





infographic on SEO


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