China's Mobile Landscape

Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

Mobile Landscape of China China currently has 630 million internet users, who typically spend 25 hours a week connected to the internet. Having spent the summer in Beijing, this seems like an understatement. I would spend two hours to and from work on the subway and almost all hours my train was full of humans glued to their phones or tablets using apps I had never heard of. Even with a powerhouse like Facebook who has 1.23 billion active users none of them are from China. This is because the Chinese government controls the internet content and restricts, deletes, or bans content it deems not in the interest of the state. They have all of their own forms of social media platforms and media, even their own Google.

1. WeChat has 600 million registered users worldwide it’s created by the Tencent group and was primarily an instant messaging app. Now WeChat, has become something much bigger on a multi-purpose platform including: banking, e-commerce, payment services, cab calling, and gaming. As soon as you meet someone in China, one of the first things you ask them is their username for WeChat.

2. Weibo is pretty much the Chinese Facebook or Chinese Twitter, it was launched in 2009 and is owned by Sina Corporation. In Chinese, Weibo means micoblog. The site runs very similar to twitter where you talk to or mention someone else with “@username” format. Weibo has 368 million registered users.

3. Tencent QQ, better known as QQ, it is the most popular instant messaging software service as it has 899 million active QQ accounts. It was development by Tencent Holdings Limited, but has been losing popularity compared to the rise of other new instant messaging services.

20% all of products bought in China are from a mobile device and a large amount of this comes from QR code. This was something that didn’t last in the States, but its critical in China. The QR code is the daily essential for any brand in China as it is found over most every billboard or product over the country. WeChat, uses QR codes to pay for your meal, taxi, or add your friend.

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