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Web development.  The best thing about it—is that people need it.  Smart brands demand it.  Growth and profit-motivated businesses will seek it out.  Branding agencies and marketing firms who want the best for their clients already have it ready in their back pocket.

Good web design cannot work without great web development, especially with the rise of mobile.

This is why our Portland web development agency, Dorey Design Group (DDG), has a team of diligent web experts equipped with latest web design, development, and digital marketing skills, tools, and resources.  We’ve been helping clients across the United States for over 16 years.

A quality business website digitally communicates value in the right light, to the right people, at the right time, right?  Our methods make this happen with actual results.

We love collaborating with creative agencies because it is a win-win-win partnership between our firm, your agency, and the client.

What do we offer versus others?  And how precisely do we help?

I’ll break it down for you to digest:


"How Does a Web Development Agency Help Me?"

Web Development Agency, Web Design, CMS

Whether you are part of a small business or a creative marketing agency, web development service benefits you directly.


For Creative Marketing Firms or Branding Agencies:

• A More Complete Marketing Service Mix

Marketing is incredibly diverse, yet we see the growing importance of digital each day…gone are the days of phonebook ads and direct mail as your only mediums needed.

Nowadays, you’ve got tons of industry-varied marketing agencies who provide creative branding services, strategic planning, graphic design, photography/videography, printed ads, online ads, social media, and alas we have WEBSITES.

Creative Marketing Agency, Branding Firm

A Redshift Research survey tells us that about 60% of small businesses don’t have websites and one of the main reasons is because they lack technical expertise.

There's clearly a need to be fulfilled.  Why not supply the demand?

Add another weapon to your arsenal of services.

Being able to confidently accept website-related inquiries from clients creates a powerful statement that reflects positively onto your agency’s capability.  Not to mention, a complex web project means higher revenue stream with an outsourced workload, allowing your agency to focus its time on what it does best.

Essentially, we help raise the stage to turn your agency into a web rock star!

• Satisfy Clients, Bringing in More Business

Web service is the icing on the cake.

With DDG partnering on your side, we satisfy your clients with the most effective WordPress, Drupal, and CMS (content management system) web-based solutions around – and we keep it within budget, and on time.

On top of that, good word of our work continually spreads, aiding your client acquisition and retention efforts.

We get you more business in authentic fashion.

• Our Extra Incentive to Create Amazing Value

If we want word to spread of your client’s great new website, we’ll need to provide a great website.  Simple.

As web experts hungry to tackle new projects, we keenly listen to your client’s needs and fulfill them with a carefully crafted approach that produces desirable results.

For Small-to-Midsize Businesses:

• Better Discoverability

Who doesn’t want a storefront that’s open 24 hours?

One that communicates your business offering the way you’d like best?

Brilliant web development provides a core channel for your target audience, whether they’re on the road or at home.

Responsive Web Design, iOS and Android mobile development

• Precise Audience Targeting

Perhaps you want to target different customer types.

Maybe you have a career page to bring in applicants.

Or you’re possibly looking for new partners, vendors, or other businesses.

DDG ensures that precise user targeting is never overlooked.

• Bolster Your Brand Value

If your website is a 24/7 online storefront, it should represent your brand the way you and your customers are happiest with.

We program your website to create positive experiences, starting with the user’s first impression.

• More Conversions/Sales

Your CTA, or call-to-action, is an important element which we can help optimize in every way.

Want people to call your business number?  Book a reservation?  Fill out a webform?  Visit your store?  Place an online purchase?

Great.  With Dorey Design Group as your collaborative partner, we design and develop your website to maximize the desired user action by converting visits into sales.


“Why Should I Trust You?”

You should be asking this question.  There are a lot of design, development, SEO, webhosting, and other web service firms that, to put bluntly, are total rip-offs…or something close to it.

It’s frustrating and bad for business.

Frustrated Website Owner, Web Failure, Monkey Laptop

A few developers will cash out and head for the hills.  Some don’t give you the digital bang for your buck.  Others won’t help support and train clients/staff properly.  Many simply don’t fully promise what they offer due to lack of skills, patience, or incentive.

DDG is different.

We’re damn good developers.


► Website not looking or working right?
Tell us about it.



DDG has veteran in-house Portland web developers who work together to solve problems using the latest digital solutions.

We’re great communicators too which means you and/or your client aren’t left out of the loop.

With all the required skillsets needed, we get the job done with marvelous execution to let your business grow.

Business Growing, Website Traffic Increase, Conversions

• Brand Identity, Goals, and Planning

You’ve probably already got an idea of how your brand, or your client’s brand, works.  You may know how to communicate it with text, visuals, and other mediums and channels.

But when it comes to websites, we understand it best.  We test and build a foundation for your branding, including every element from webpage aesthetics to typography, logo design, color composition, content structuring, and so on.

We want your business's branding to have consistency, and also be represented in the digital world at its best.

• Web Design

When it comes to web design, we can provide a superb designer for you.

If you have a favorite pick you want to stick with, we’ll gladly work with your designer.

Need a responsive website to target smartphone and tablet users on different browser types?  We do responsive web design, and we do it very well.

Responsive Web Design, Portland Web Developers, Whammerdyne


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process that connects the right people to the correct content on your website.

Our team evaluates your business positioning, offering, and target audience, so that your website’s ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines are never ignored.

We create valuable connections to let your business thrive.

• E-Commerce

Do you plan on selling products or services online?

Awesome.  We’ll set you up with the proper online security encryption, shopping cart setup, and payment/shipping services.

With the growth of cross-device purchasing behavior, we understand the vital importance of attention to detail for e-Commerce and m-Commerce websites.

DDG designs and develops the online buying process into an efficient, enjoyable, seamless experience, maximizing your business sales and profits.

• Web Development

Web developers are a highly sought-after business asset for a reason.  What people forget is that there are the terrible, great, and everything in between.

Lucky for you, our team of expert developers know Drupal, WordPress, and CMS web technology better than you know the back of your hand.

We make sure your website not only looks amazing, but is highly functional, as it should be.

Want a parallax scrolling website?  An interactive map plug-in?  Email automation?  Animation?  We do it all.

We’re proud of our proficiency and love our work.


UX (user experience) and UI (user interface), should go hand-in-hand.

With an easily navigable user interface, users discover the desired information quickly and succinctly, no matter the device, screen size, or browser.

We rigourously test your website for quality assurance on Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android smartphones, and tablet devices across Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome internet browsers.

A unique and fulfilling user experience entails a website that you can be proud of, your users will relish, and your business will be thankful for.

We provide exactly that.


• 16 Years Running

Not only are we experts, but we’re experienced.

As seasoned professionals, our team has been building websites and supporting clients for over 16 years.

We have a happy client base and many references to offer if you’re still doubtful.

• Several Successful Websites, Different Industries

We listen to your strategies and ideas, yet we also offer our own words of wisdom.

Collaborative Web Project Meeting, Diverse Industries, B2C, B2B

DDG has helped business across of myriad of diverse industries from financial planning firms, to non-profits, to construction companies, to online beauty product shops – just check out our extensive work portfolio.

Whether you are engaged in B2C or B2B, we can help you make a website that’s right for your business.

Not quite located near Portland?  Nor Seattle or the Bay Area?

Don't worry!  We can easily do phone calls or online meetings.

• Agency Partnerships + Project Management

Different agencies have different approaches to client services.  This is why we highlight every aspect to our approach to better define us as a professional and cultural fit.

After partnering with over 15 other agencies, we’ve taken different roles and measures to ensure that our team, the agency, and the client are happy with each project we take on.

Branding Agency, Creative Marketing Firm, Packaging

Perhaps you want to handle most direct communications with the client?  Or have us be in complete charge of the project management?  Or rather something in between?

We can talk and figure out a working solution on how you'd like the project handled!

This way, agencies can outsource web development work to us and feel confident doing so.


• Customization

Unlike the simple, trendy, do-it-yourself online site-builders, a team of competent web developers will build you a unique and brilliant website that stands above the online cookie-cutter clone competitors.

Whether you have a stalled web project or need a website redesign, migration, realign, or a totally new website from scratch, we know which steps to take.

• Business Goals + Branding Needs

We marry together your business and brand to create a solid online presence.

Other firms succeed in one but fail in the other.

• Training and Support

From the planning stage, to the building process, to the website launch, and after, Dorey Design Group is by your side.

Just as your mode of business might change, we are ready to help you make the needed adjustments to your website.

We’re prepared to train staff on how to effectively manage a website, run an SEO-friendly blog, update landing pages, upload content, utilize social media platforms in accordance, and use Google Analytics to track performance.

Don’t worry about developers who check in, cash out, and disappear before you notice bugs or have questions.

We actually care about your success.


"What’s The Best Approach to Web Development + Design?"

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Just Contact Us Now

Questions, inquiries, or concerns?

We’re prepared to help get you the full picture before putting our developers to work.

Send us some project details and we can provide a quote for you!

First Steps to Take (we’ll help you out with this)

To get an idea of what we'll address together before the development stage, here is a quick outline:

• Imagine Your Target Users with Marketing Personas

• Start Thinking About Keywords

• Present a Design or We’ll Make One

• Curate List of Desired Website Functionalities

• Visualize and Illustrate a Sitemap

The Technical Stuff: Drupal, WordPress, or other CMS site.

We can help choose which open source CMS technology solution is best for your business website.

Our favorites are Drupal and WordPress.

The Web Development Process Begins!

Once all website needs are discussed, a timeline is set, and budget is settled, the fun begins – coding, testing, and more coding!  You’ll be excited to see your brand-spanking-new business website launched.

Contact us today for a free quote.

Or if you're around the Portland area, you can always swing by to say hi to Tula, our lovely office dog!

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