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Upgrading Drupal Distributions

Jason Narog
, Drupal Developer

Drupal distributions are great, they combine a lot of useful modules with custom themes and features that have been created to help you get a great site up and running very quickly. Each distribution’s target demographic differs, with their individual set of features, modules, and themes designed for different types of websites. Some allow users to set up a shopping cart site right away, while others may create internal collaboration environments for their users.

WordPress or Drupal?

Paul Fasel
, President

Wordpress logo vs  Drupal Logo

As you might guess I am a bit biased when I say that Drupal is the best of the two, and maybe that is because we are slightly more experienced developing sites in Drupal. With that said, we are also very good at making custom websites using Wordpress, and in some instances Wordpress may have the advantage over Drupal.

Don’t validate “save as a draft”

Robert Parker
, Developer

Sometimes you have a content types that has a large number of fields. When the user is filling out the fields they might have to stop at points to gather more content or take a short break. Unfortunately Drupal will not let you save the content type unless it is valid. I am going to show you how to write up a simple module that will bypass validation for drafts.

First create your info file