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Get the previous or next node id of a given type

Robert Parker
, Developer

Have you ever wanted to previous or next blog post, gallery image or some other node type in Drupal? I will show you how to get the previous node and then how to modify it to get the next node.

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The Hook

The first step is hooking into the template. I am using panels and will be using the preprocess_panels_pane hook.

Drupal vs Custom CMS - Top 3 Reasons

Paul Fasel
, President

So you are ready to get a new website and you are trying to decide what type of CMS (content management system) to use, should you develop a custom Content management system or take an off the shelf system and customize it to your needs.

Dorey Design Group recommends that you use Drupal or another open source content management system, because of the following reasons.


Drupalcon Portland

Mike Karpouzes
, Web Developer

We are going to DrupalCon Portland

Drupalcon is coming to is coming to Portland and we here at Dorey are excited to be able to attend.

Drupalcon is a massive conference, held biannually by the Drupal Association. Each conference draws in a worldwide audience and is a great way to stay on the cutting edge of everything Drupal.

Welcome to Dorey Design's New Responsive Website!

John Mulvey
, Client Advocate

Dorey Design Group has just launched a new, responsively-designed website! Yay! When we saw that more of our potential clients were accessing the site from mobile devices, we knew we'd need to find a more effective way to deliver our site and its content to them. We're excited to have found a practical way to present our project portfolio, blog, team bios and other information to all web users across all platforms.