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China's Mobile Landscape

Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

Mobile Landscape of China China currently has 630 million internet users, who typically spend 25 hours a week connected to the internet. Having spent the summer in Beijing, this seems like an understatement. I would spend two hours to and from work on the subway and almost all hours my train was full of humans glued to their phones or tablets using apps I had never heard of.

Upgrading Your Page Views

Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

We have all heard, “content is king” but what happens when you gift the timeline with a fire blog post and get less than enough engagement or traffic. It can be frustrating, just as it may be for a starving artist who doesn’t get appreciated for their time and effort. The fact is writing a fire post isn’t enough, we need to be promoting our content as vigorously as we are writing it. Here, are a couple tools to promote your fire, so it stays hot.


Call-to-Action & Web Design: 4 Tips to Boost Conversion Rates

James Rehwald
, Marketing Director

Call-to-Action Sign, Web Design CTA Guide

Since the dawn of the internet, Call-to-Action (CTA) always had a special place in marketing-aligned web design.

For a high quality call-to-action today, this special place becomes more of a special throne.

And for a conversion-driven B2C business, B2B business, or non-profit company, this special throne gets polished, refurbished, and rebuilt a healthy amount.