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Call-to-Action & Web Design: 4 Tips to Boost Conversion Rates

James Rehwald
, Marketing Director

Call-to-Action Sign, Web Design CTA Guide

Since the dawn of the internet, Call-to-Action (CTA) always had a special place in marketing-aligned web design.

For a high quality call-to-action today, this special place becomes more of a special throne.

And for a conversion-driven B2C business, B2B business, or non-profit company, this special throne gets polished, refurbished, and rebuilt a healthy amount.

6 Innovative Video Marketing Examples: Ads That Inspire

James Rehwald
, Marketing Director

6 Innovative Video Marketing Examples, smartphone YouTube app

Video watching habits have evolved tremendously.

With that, so has video marketing.

We live in a world where video marketing is no longer limited to commercials on your home television screen or ads playing at your nearby movie theater.