Why Content is King

Dylan Lee
, Marketing Director

Why Content is KingI've talked quite a bit about using great, quality content in your digital strategies in the past, and there is a saying amongst digital marketers that 'Content is King,' meaning that content is the most important aspect of executing a successful digital marketing strategy. For businesses struggling to grow or gain traction online, they might want to look into how they approach and present their content. Great marketing is not just about promotion; a well-maintained, active, and up-to-date social media profile and/or website is not enough to increase the kind of engagement that grows your business.

It’s about content.

Content is the text, images, and videos that make up your site and should be representative of your business, what it does, and why it’s awesome. Content that is irrelevant, not useful to your target users, or of poor quality will stagnate online engagement, which is why it’s important to have a solid content strategy and understanding of the nature of content you’re generating online. Content has to be amazing and truly helpful to your customer’s wants and needs, and the ability to generate such content will dictate the success of your online marketing communications.


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Why Content is King:

Why is content so important to being found online? The answer to that question is simple, but sometimes hard to see from a business perspective. People don’t look for boring, keyword-stuffed, generic crap. People look for things that will entertain and/or engage them, or make their lives better/easier. Too often we as marketers will write blogs and stuff them chock full of backlinks, keywords, and increase word counts to benefit Google’s crawlers. But when that content stops being meaningful to those that it reaches, you won’t see the engagement that you want from your efforts.

You’ve heard it before: “Be authentic.” Really understand what authenticity means to your specific audience, and create content that reflects your understanding.


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