Facebook App Center

Mike Karpouzes
, Web Developer

Just recently Facebook announced that it will soon release a new App Center and is currently recruiting developers to submit info about their apps for review. Each app in the new center will feature its own unique detail page that can reviewed before considering the app.


Chrome Overtakes Firefox

John Mulvey
, Client Advocate

New data shows that Google's Chrome browser is quickly gaining users, and has now passed Firefox for 2nd place in Worldwide browser usage. The most used browser is still Microsoft's Explorer, but its share of users has been dropping steadily for three years. Now Mozilla's open-source Firefox browser also appears to be losing market share to Chrome.


Covad Netopia 4622-xl-t Router password reset & more

Paul Fasel
, President

I just inherited a Netopia 4622-xl-t router it was a leftover from a clients network upgrade. I wanted learn about how it works, and since they are not worth very much I was hoping to see if there was a way I could re-program it to do load balancing and fail over on our network. The reason I am posting this is because it is a COVAD branded Netopia, and COVAD routers have passwords, the standard version of this router does not. So after about 10 tries I guessed the correct username and password combo, and POOF! I was in. now to see what this thing can do.