php Projects

Wave PDX

DDG received the task of updating the Wave PDX website design while making it dynamic, fun, and engaging in order to attract sponsors, non-profits, and volunteers.  The responsive Drupal website aims to raise donations towards local non-profits.  The site also, in an innovative fashion, incentivizes users to volunteer with organizations, log hours, and raise "points" in a friendly yet competitive online leaderboard.  Participating volunteers also get a chance to win concert tickets and backstage passes.

Film Fest Finder

Film Fest Finder asked DDG to build a resourceful website that offers “an entire compendium of film festivals and where to find them at your fingertips.”  The DDG team built this, along with a forum that gives filmmakers the ability to share their unique experiences at any given festival, worldwide.

The project used Drupal as the content management system and also required a L.A.M.P. server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), as well as enough storage, RAM, and bandwidth to support the anticipated traffic load.


Whammerdyne Heavy Industries is a manufacturer of high-end audio amplifiers in Portland, Oregon. On the cusp of releasing their new amp, the Whammerdyne Truth, they were in need of a website which could show off the unique features of their product in a beatiful way. We created a responsive brochure site using the incredible GreenSock Javascript Animation Framework and some custom javascript to build a refined, scroll-based animation sequence for the home page.

Element Residential

Dorey Design Group built a custom Drupal 7 site for Element Residential, real estate developers in Seattle and Bothell WA. They needed a site where they would enter in the community data only once. This data is used to populate the main site and to generate a sub site for the community. They also have the option of changing colors and background images for the sub sites so they can create a look that matches the community.

Northwest Childrens Theater

The Northwest Childrens Theatre and School has been introducing kids to theatre for almost 18 years. DDG is partnering with our friends at SUCHA Production to build the NWCTS a new Drupalwebsite with a custom theme to carry them into their third decade.

We're building the site using the Drupal CMS, which will allows us to easily add lots of additional features like embedded video, social networking, photo galleries, news feeds, online ticketing, and donations, as well as ecommerce and an interactive calendar.