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Specializing in E-Commerce & Open Source Content Management Systems

Dorey Design Group is a website design and development agency located in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in creating compelling Custom Wordpress, and Drupal websites, as well as providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. DDG also provides content strategy, business consulting, and branding to meet the goals of our clients and achieve holistic success in their digital strategies.

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We create visually impactful, functional, and thoughtful websites that support your brand and engage your users.


Whether it’s Drupal, WordPress, or custom web application development, we are your open source content management experts, with 13 years of experience creating effective and brilliant websites for a wide range of businesses.


Contact Dorey Design Group and we will help you choose and implement the right technology solution to meet your business needs and goals.

Our Work

The good, the great, and the spectacular

  • Oniqua

    Dorey Design Group just wrapped up development on a beautiful new responsive Drupal site for Oniqua under the direction of designer Jon Anderson of Anderson Creative. The new

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  • Seattle City Club

    Dorey Design built a custom Drupal site for Seattle City Club, a civic engagement organization in Seattle, WA. The site integrates with CiviCRM to handle member sign-ups, donations, events...

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  • The Classen Team

    Dorey Design Group worked with Karla Chin Design to build a responsive WordPress site for this Real Estate Agency in Redmond, WA. The site integrates with the Diverse Solutions IDX tool...

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  • I&E Construction

    This Drupal 7 site is a completely new look for I...

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  • IMCO Construction

    IMCO Construction, based in Ferndale, WA, already had a website when they started working with Dorey Design Group, but it was several years old and difficult to manage. After we maintained...

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  • BCRA Design

    We've worked with our friends at Tacoma's BCRA Design on many projects in the past, and when they were ready to redesign their website, we were very happy that they chose Drupal,...

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  • Airsafe Pierce County

    Dorey Design partnered with BCRA Design to create Airsafe Pierce County, a site dedicated to improving air quality in the Tacoma area. BCRA was honored with a Webby for their cutting edge...

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  • Humani Pilates

    Dorey Design Group partnered with Alicia Nagel Creative to develop a custom WordPress site for this start-up Pilates studio in Sacramento, CA. We built a custom theme off of StudioPress...

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  • Element Residential

    Dorey Design Group built a custom Drupal 7 site for Element Residential, real estate developers in Seattle and Bothell WA. They needed a site where they would enter in the community data...

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  • Landed Gentry Homes

    A complete Drupal website for a Seattle area home builder, we did all aspects of this site from the design to the coding, build and SEO. This site has a fluid layout and will allways be...

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  • The Commencement

    Dorey Design Group worked with Solution Partners NW to create a responsive Drupal site for these condominium homes in Ruston near Tacoma, Washington. The home page has a responsive slider...

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    In collaboration with BCRA Design, we teamed up to build this robust Drupal 7 website for the city of Lakewood and the whole South Puget Sound area to build a strong partnership between...

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  • The Children's Clinic

    The Children’s Clinic came to DDG to convert a complex WordPress site to an easy to use Drupal site. Some features of the new site include a Physician's Spotlight, a directory and...

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  • Associated Designs

    Associated Designs, a house plan design company in Eugene, Oregon, approached DDG in late 2011, hoping to not only find a developer who could take over construction of their new website,...

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  • Project Serve

    Dorey Design Group teamed up with Pail Design to create a WordPress site for Stanford University Dept. of Psychiatry and VA Palo Alto Health Care System's Project SERVE, which studies...

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The Crew!

Get to know the people behind the scenes

  • Paul Fasel, web site designer from Portland, OR

    Paul Fasel


    Paul is the founder and principal of Dorey Design Group. Raised in an entrepreneurial family, he has over 20 years of experience in setting up and running businesses - hence Dorey Design Group’s mission to make technology work smarter to enhance business processes.

  • Jason Diersman

    Jason Diersman

    Senior Developer

    Jason Diersman is a very talented programmer and designer. He is able to straddle the line between developer and designer by having an eye for aesthetics without compromising functionality and usability.

  • Matt Dittmann

    Web Developer

    Matt is a talented Web designer and developer who has worked in various disciplines and media for the past 15 years. He has a B.A. from San Francisco State University where he not only studied Interactive Technology, but Digital Video as well.

  • Robert Parker, Developer

    Robert Parker

    Full Stack Developer

    Robert is an object oriented developer who does both front and backend development. He is actively developing his own open source content management system when he is not developing an HTML5/Javascript game.

  • Tula

    Office Dog

    Tula likes little doggie treats, long walks and digging through the garbage. She is an expert in designing strategies to scare other dogs away from our street.

  • Jason Narog, Developer

    Jason Narog

    Drupal Developer

    Jason Narog is an open source web developer. He has multiple years experience working with a variety of content management systems.  

  • Dylan Lee Marketing Director

    Dylan Lee

    Marketing Director

    Dylan is our Marketing Director, handling various marketing functions for Dorey Design Group and its clients. He has a B.B.A in Marketing and a Minor in Communications from the University of Portland, which helps him fulfill a multitude of marketing/content-generating roles.

  • April Chapman

    Project Manager

    April is our project manager, with over 10 years of project management experience. She’s an expert in event coordination and a natural in customer-facing roles. Making sure our projects get finished on-time, bookkeeping, account management, and office DJ are all roles April balances with ease.


The latest and greatest from the web

7 Steps to Producing Outstanding Ad Copy

By Dylan Lee
, Marketing Director

Ad copy is the written word in all advertising communications. It’s easy to understand then, why writing great ad copy is important in persuading the advertisement’s audience to buy a product, or to influence their beliefs. Without compelling copy, advertisements will fail to generate the sales, engagement, or excitement that it needs to in order to be successful and increase your advertising return on investment (ROI).


Color Psychology in Web Design (Infographic)

By Dylan Lee
, Marketing Director

The use of color in web design and design in general is paramount to evoking emotions and feelings about your product/brand that work on subconscious levels to influence behaviors of your audience. The mind reacts to different colors and color combinations in a myriad of ways, but there are common associations that the mind makes with certain colors.


What Do Buzzwords Mean to Us?

By Dylan Lee
, Marketing Director

According to Merriam-Webster, a buzzword is defined as, “an important-sounding, usually-technical word or phrase often of little meaning used chiefly to impress laymen.” This really captures the essence of it. Buzzwords are words that we see a lot in marketing and on the web, and while words like “synergy,” “authenticity,” and “dynamics” are quite frequently over/misused in many cases, some buzzwords can help us find great content that’s actually useful and engaging to us.


Basic Web Design Principles for Business Owners

By Dylan Lee
, Marketing Director

You’ve decided that your business needs a website or updates to the current one. It is important that you keep these principles in mind when going through the process of website creation because it is easy to get lost in all of the functionalities and fantastic ideas that can come up in the design process. What you’ll end up with, more often than not, is something that misses the point. Websites are meant to be useful and informative to the customer, and if they’re not, it won’t matter how pretty your website looks, your business won’t get the conversions/sales it needs. Great web design for business uses as little ‘design’ as possible to deliver information to the customer and get them engaged with your company brand/product/service.