11 Facebook Page Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement & Followers

James Rehwald
, Marketing Director

Facebook Reactions Engagement

A fantastic Facebook Page will funnel in new customers, drive sales, and become an important asset to a business.  When done correctly, it'll bolster your brand, help your SEO, and expand your target audience reach.  It's a digital marketing necessity.

Your Page needs more followers, right?  Followers who are better engaged with your posts?  Of course, that’s the idea.

User incentive for content interaction requires a mix of creative magic and strategic messaging.  What this means is if you want to develop a loyal fanbase following, you need engaging content.  Luckily for you, I’ve consolidated everything you should know about running a great Facebook Page into 11 categories.

Let’s jumpstart that creative energy of yours.

These 11 essential tips, paired with some useful examples and screenshots, will put your goals within much easier reach:


11) Directly Incite User Activity

Ask unique, interesting questions and people will often respond.

You need people to interact with your posts, so ask them to via a status update, but it make it fun and worthwhile.

A working formula I’ve observed in many Pages is the “do A or do B” proposal.  Post a stimulating and relevant question.  Tell users to like for “yes” or comment for “no”.  Or if the question is really good enough, tell users to share the post as an option.  With Facebook’s recent update to its "like feature" into "Facebook reactions," you can also tell users to Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry your post.

The question should preferably relate to your company.  A lightbulb manufacturer could post the question: “Which lightbulb type suits your room better?  Like for incandescent, comment for fluorescent, or share for LED!”

Here’s another great one: Adlibs.  Make a post with a fill-in-the-blank format such as: “I created a Facebook account because I _____.”

Have fun with it and try relate it to your company’s offering/culture/business whenever possible.  Check out Farnam's fill-in-the-blank post here:

Farnam Horse Facebook Page Post

This one works wonders: “Caption this photo.”  Post a surprisingly funny and relevant photo and ask your Fans to caption it.  You might be surprised how creative (or utterly uncreative) your Fans are.

Facebook also lets you design polls to publish.  This can be great for acquiring information from your Fans to help you make better informed business/marketing decisions in the future.

Simply telling people to like your post works too.  Or conversely, telling them not to.

Check out LA Fitness’s simple post that tells people to “Thumbs Up” if they felt better after their workout:

Facebook Page LA Fitness Post


10) Sweepstakes & Contests

When the time and money allows it, hold online contests and sweepstakes.  Promote it through your Facebook Page consistently over time.

Motivate your Fans to display their skills in a contest by asking them submit their best photo of _____ to your webpage or email.  You can also ask them to submit the photo as a comment or direct message.

Incorporate elements of your branding, product/service, business location, celebratory/holiday occasion, or whatever value driver is easy for Fans to access but still creates unique creative opportunity.

Check out Target’s unique Valentine’s Day post which instructed Fans to comment their couples’ photos to be turned into real-life caricatures:

Facebook Page Target Valentine's Day

Another easy marketing method: Ask your Fans to enter a contest by typing a comment on the post as their response to a well-crafted question.  You could ask them to submit an innovative idea to add to your business model and then reward the best idea.  Ask Fans to share a unique experience with your product and pick the one that makes the best story.  Tell them to comment their favorite service you offer and describe in detail why.  The possibilities are endless – just make sure the question aims to build value, because in this case, there is such a thing as a stupid question.

For a sweepstakes, the idea of “entering free for a chance to win” is very appealing and easy to incite.  Tell users to comment/like/share for a chance to win ____.  A great way to create buzz around sweepstakes post is to ask Fans to tag a specific number of friends for a chance to win.  I love this one because it brings in non-Fans into the social circle.

Be sure to make a noticeable post when announcing the winner.

One of my favorites is the double-whammy tactic: Use the sweepstakes-entering comment as a way to receive valuable feedback.  If users are going to comment on your post, why not make it useful to you?  Let’s say you run an ice cream shop.  Ask your Fans, as part of a coupon sweepstakes, to comment their favorite flavor and a flavor they’d love to see at your shop.  Soon, you’ll have an idea of what flavors you might want to introduce to your current variety.

Get rich survey feedback + boost post engagement this way!

Check out Alameda Brewing Co.’s sweepstake on their Facebook Page for a year supply of free food items:

Alameda Brewing FB Page Comment to Win

And here’s a straight forward yet effective employment of the “tag a friend” method by Burgerville:

FB Page Burgerville Post


9) Photo Sharing with Multi-Image Display

In case you didn’t already know, images are excellent for engagement and attracting new followers!  Images fill up a lot of space in the feed, making quality photos highly noticeable and potentially more engaging.

Writing a good photo description, tagging users/Pages, and adding a location & date can bolster the image content’s quality and prompt likes and comments from Fans.

With how you want to approach uploading your photos, you have a few options.  You can upload an image or multiple images to your timeline in the form of a status update.  You can also create a photo carousel that links to a URL.  You can also create an album, customarily for a specific category or event.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all trick so try out different types and track engagement.

Nevertheless, I’ve observed that the multi-image display usually gets great attention and engagement.  When you upload multiple images at once, the farthest left photo (you can drag them around) is the one that gets the biggest section of the collage-type display, so make sure it is the best of the bunch.  On top of that, the mutli-image display will slowly display its different images slideshow-style.

If you want to see how your post will preview on desktop and mobile devices (you should be curious), do what I do: schedule, instead of publish, the post for tomorrow.  Then immediately check the scheduled post by clicking “See post” and click the post from the list.

And there you have it.

Check out Aveda Institute’s graduation photos posted from their Facebook Page, as previewed in the news feed:

Facebook Page Aveda Institute Graduation photos

If you upload an album, make sure the album name and description are concise, clear, and engaging since it can appear in users’ new feeds.

When possible, include a CTA (call-to-action) link in photo descriptions.  This means pasting in a URL to a relevant webpage such as a blog post, product/service page, email sign-up page, homepage, etc.

Last but not least, did I mention Facebook allows you to post animated .GIF files in status updates?


8) Share Fans’ Content

If you hosted a contest where users submitted photos, drawings, videos, memes, ideas, quotes, or something else altogether, then you’ll definitely want to share the winner’s submission.

Fans love being a contestant for a would-be spotlight in the social media realm.  They also love when other Fans are recognized for their genuinely creative work.

It doesn’t have to be a contest either.  Let’s say a user posts a nice video of him/her using your taxi cab service and hashtags your brand.  Or maybe you sell makeup product and a Fan posts a selfie after applying your product.  Perhaps someone created a hilarious meme that supports your non-profit’s cause.

Ask the user if you could repost their content onto your Facebook Page and tag them.  They’ll likely agree and you’ll thank them for it.

The content itself ideally should endorse your brand.  It could be a funny photo of your product/service in use, a scenic location associated with your brand, an informal photo with the CEO, and so on.

Columbia Sportswear asked users to submit photos of their products worn in weathered conditions as part of their #TestedTough campaign.  Here’s a photo submission Columbia posted, paired with a quote and the user’s Instagram account name:

FB Page TestedTough Columbia Sportswear


7) Behind-The-Scenes Value

I can’t stress enough that your Facebook Page should capture your company culture and brand image in a fun, personal light.  People want to relate to your brand so the more human, the better.

What I’ve seen many users enjoy, including myself, are the content pieces that are rare, exclusive, or organic sightings.  The in-the-moment photos of people doing things from the humorously dull to the unexpectedly unorthodox.  It can be difficult to capture “fun” in a corporate setting, lab, or retail space, which is why these special “deleted scenes” receive high engagement from Fans. (i.e. keep a camera around the workplace)

Personalizing employees, partners, and customers/clients through photos with storytelling descriptions is a great tactic.  Look for opportunities to share relatable experiences and testimonies from important people involved in your business.

Maybe there’s an old comical photo of the boss who got pooped on by a pigeon?  Perhaps a new sneak peek video of a beta product to be revealed?  Morning food prep at your restaurant?  Office dog fall asleep on the stairwell?  Brand new employee photo?

Stir up curiosity and then educate your Fans with something they didn’t already know about your business.  Be original and make it worth the like, comment, or share.


6) Trending Topics & Hashtags

Keep up with industry trends.  Know what people are talking about currently, what the hottest new innovation is, who the industry leaders are, and why do people enjoy learning about/engaging with these things.

Be sure to also theme posts around topics that are culturally/socially relevant, such as holidays, seasons, birthdays, big sporting events, and so on.  These typically receive much more interactions when perfected.

Check the local and world news.  You could find a recent news piece with a killer headline and a joyful or tragic story that screams “read me now!”  Share newsworthy pieces and if it’s industry-relevant, all the better.

When posting about local news, industry news, the holiday season, a social cause, a blog post, or well anything really, use relevant hashtags!  Search a hashtag before using it to see how other users and Pages are implementing it.

Make the hashtag appear natural in your post’s phrasing and if that isn’t quite doable, just stick it at the end, or both.  I’d make it a goal to use 2-3 hashtags in every post and wouldn’t use more than 4 (looks spam-ish and is tiring to read).

Use popular hashtags as seen in the “Trending” panel towards the right of your news feed (only viewable as a user, not a Page).

Check out this video post by Vitamin water surrounding Black Friday, accompanied by the #blackfriday hashtag:

Facebook Page Vitamin Water Black Friday Video

Another great marketing idea, especially when you have a decent following, is to create your own hashtag and promote it at the right times and places.  Implement your brand motto or value statement into the hashtag and try to keep it short and memorable.

Combine the hashtag with contests & events and then make Page posts using it.  Encourage your employees and customers to use the hashtag in a specific way that speaks true to your brand.

Here, Columbia Sportswear shares another image of a customer who used the #TestedTough hashtag:

Facebook Page rock climbing Instagram Columbia


5) Embed Videos

If a photo speaks a thousand words, how about a video?  Video marketing is an excellent ploy for creating social interactions, when used correctly.  Posting a short video to your Facebook Page, especially when marketed towards millennials & Gen Z users, can reap some great rewards.

Videos work wonders, but you have a couple options to choose from.

Facebook videos usually receive better engagement in a shorter amount of time than YouTube videos, given that Facebook favors its own videos over Youtube’s as part of its news feed algorithm.

This means better visibility and more likes & comments, faster.  Of course, this isn’t the case for every Page out there.  Still, clicking a YouTube video on mobile also means leaving the Facebook app/site temporarily, which can introduce an undesirable margin of error.

Other factors to note are that Facebook videos auto-play silently in the news feed while YouTube videos display a thumbnail image which requires a click to watch.  Facebook’s algorithm also takes into account the likes, comments, shares, and watch times when determining how visible a video is to users in their news feeds.

YouTube videos (and a channel) are better for SEO, however.  YouTube videos can be found organically via search engines and the more views and engagement your video receives, the better search ranking it may receive.  Google owns YouTube, remember?

If you already are managing a highly-subscribed YouTube channel for your brand/company, you could just upload videos to YouTube and then embed the videos in your posts (just paste in the URL to your post).

OR…if you have the time and resources, an excellent method for promoting your own long YouTube videos while benefiting from Facebook’s algorithm is to make a separate, shorter teaser trailer for each video.  Upload that teaser trailer via Facebook but include the full-video YouTube URL in the description.  A great 10 second Facebook video that builds impulse with a clear CTA to watch the full video can help boost engagement for your Facebook video and YouTube video/channel.

Or alternatively (the easier, yet effective option), just upload each full video to both platforms.  BuzzFeed is great at doing this with a large variety of video and social platforms.

When sharing an online video or filming/developing your own, make sure it is attention-grabbing, unique, and to-the-point.  Your videos could be funny, educational, inspiring, or all of the above!  YouTube and Facebook have plenty online videos that are free for you to share.

Let videos bring out your brand’s personality and make it worth their time to watch.

If it’s your own video, be sure to include a visual & auditory CTA at the end.  With YouTube videos, you can add hyperlink(s) into the video itself whenever and wherever you want, making the CTA easier for users to follow.  Facebook also gives you a CTA option (such as linking to YouTube), but it’ll only be visible once the video is complete.

If you are new to videography, read my previous post about how to make a video.

On another note, Facebook now allows live video streaming for verified Pages.  Live videos are great when you have a large enough following.  When doing a live video, ask users to tap the "Subscribe" button so they can be notified the next time you are live.  Offering promotions, insights, giveaways, or other exclusive content via live video can help increase engagement with your Page and keep your Fans interested in watching your video streams – just remember to make it unique, interesting, and always worth their time!


4) Content Diversity

This is probably something most Page owners would agree is imperative to a successful Facebook Page.  Content diversity in every sense is vital for increasing your engagement and followers.

It’s a good idea to use typed posts, photos, videos, polls, and events in different doses throughout the week, month, and year.

Appeal to different Fans.

Make funny, quick videos.  Post informative industry news updates.  Share extensive tutorial articles.  Spread word about your service’s recent award.  Post tips & tricks.  Make a holiday post.  Tag a partner’s Facebook Page in a shout-out for an accomplishment.  Share a friend’s album.  Make a poll asking about your Fans’ favorite food or sports team.  Promote your online sweepstakes with posts every other day at different times.

Share links to your website and links to other websites.  Give extra attention to how you promote your internal content versus external.

Experiment with different image thumbnail sizing that gets paired with link shares (OpenGraph helps you optimize for your website link shares with rich formatting).  Organize the multi-image display expertly when uploading multiple photos.  Try the image carousel for an article with fascinating images.  Share an album of recent event photos.  Post a single large photo that speaks for itself.

Appeal to different Fans with different content types, without straying too far away from your brand.

► Website not looking or working right?
Tell us about it.

Try out different CTAs.  Perhaps you want to drive traffic to specific webpage, sell a specific product, or increase bookings.  Use a variety of creative CTAs within a variety of different content types.  Take note of which CTAs work best.

Incorporating exclusive/premium content as part of your CTA can work too.  Check out LA Fitness’s “Exercise of the Day” post with its mysterious presentation that just begs “click me”:

FB post Exercise of the Day LA Fitness


3) Respond to Comments

This is an absolute must.  Respond to user feedback in a helpful, concise way.

This doesn’t mean reply to every single comment on every post either (or Fans' posts to the Page wall).  Decide which comments should receive replies.  If it’s regarding a customer service issue, apologize, ask them about their experience, and let them know you want to make things right.  If there is a large stack of appreciative comments about your brand, reply to the ones that are the most personalized and profound.

Give thanks, relieve concerns, send condolences, promote relevant content, and make insightful remarks.  Be human.

It’s a plus if you can be humorously clever with your replies.  If your Fans are liking your response, you’re probably doing something right.

Your post might get inappropriate comments from trolls or haters.  Deleting those comments is an option but if you can reply with a witty, tasteful comment, be my guest!

Offer related links/photos/content in the reply where it creates value that other Fans can appreciate.

Check out Red Bull’s humorous reply to a doubt from a fellow Fan.  Notice how they also include a “behind the scenes” footage link in a separate comment on its own post:

Facebook Page Red Bull Anthony Davis Dunk Sun


2) Fully Optimize Your Page

This isn’t for debate.  Your Facebook Page needs to be fully optimized in every corner.

Fill out as much of your “About” page possible.  Definitely be sure to include your business address, phone number, email, website, and name.  Fill out the short & long descriptions, mission, founding date, categories, awards, etc.  Make sure your business citation details match your website’s citation and other online directories (This helps with Local SEO).

Your cover photo and profile picture need to be on point.  These are huge opportunities for building value.  Your profile picture should be your logo – change it to other applicable images (such as holiday-themed logos) for limited times.  Your cover photo should be as amazing as imaginable.  If you have a skilled graphic designer available, upload a different cover photo for each month.  Maybe you have a limited-time offer or sale at your shop?  Put it in the cover photo and make it pop.

Include important details and CTAs in the photos’ descriptions.

While signed in as the Page owner, like other relevant Pages over time and make sure that it is visible on your Page.  It gives your Page some personality and can elicit likes from these Pages in return.

If a user directly messages your Page, be sure to promptly message back.  If you respond to 90% of messages with an average response time of 15 minutes, Facebook will put up a visible “badge” on your Page, indicating your typical response rate to visitors and Fans.  If you are quicker (such as 5 minutes), the badge will labeled as such.  A great way to achieve this badge is to have Facebook Messenger installed on your smartphone and keep it on your person at all times.  Having multiple admins run the Page account is very helpful as well.

Facebook Page Message Respond Badge

Use a Call-to-Action Button.  This button is very visible to Page visitors and Fans.  Facebook lets you choose from an assortment of options for the CTA button’s function including a website URL, an email, phone call, direct message, sign-up, booking, video, app, and more.

Earn positive Facebook reviews.  They are visible on your Page and help bolster your brand.  If you solicit a user for a review, be sure it is after a positive experience/transaction and adheres to Facebook review guidelines.

Do not forget to do this: Verify your Facebook Page.  This helps your search rank and gives you early access to beta Facebook features.


1) Persistency

Last but certainly not least is persistency.

Make it a goal to post at least once every day.  Given everything I’ve told you, no matter what your mode of business is, you can find something relevant and interesting to post about each day.

Unless your following is in the several thousands, try not to post more than two or three times a day.  It can seem spam-ish when Fans see your Page a bunch of times in their news feed within a single day.

Check out my previous post on the best times to post to social media.  These numbers can vary based on your Fans’ location, behavior, and several other factors – this means you’ll want to keep track of your heaviest Fan-traffic times for maximizing potential engagement.

Use Facebook Insights to see a recent 7-day period of your Fans’ online time.  While signed in as the Page owner, click "Insights" at the top of your Page and then click "Posts" underneath it.  You’ll be taken to the "When Your Fans Are Online" tab by default.

Track which posts get best engagement and try spinning a creative twist on them next time.

Post on weekdays and weekends and don’t stop for a vacation break.

Constantly listen in via social channels to learn what is (or will be) important and captivating to your Fans today.  Make it a primary goal to share key information before others can, and do a great job at formatting and promoting it.

Keep your content fresh, relevant, unique, and of high quality.  Learn from other Pages and build your Page to be something people enjoy seeing on their News Feeds.


Follow these 11 tips and your Page will naturally attract a larger following with better engagement – and your brand will directly benefit.


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