Snapchat Lenses: A New Ad Medium

James Rehwald
, Marketing Director

Snapchat Lenses: A New Ad Medium

Snapchat, the social media app that is sweeping the U.S. and several other countries abroad has been implementing new advertisement types for companies to purchase.  As we’ve mentioned in our past blog post on 3V Advertising, there are a select amount of Snapchat ad types available which have different audience targeting and pricing options.

Snapchat Lenses, a relatively new feature, was announced and released to the public via a software update that allowed users to apply face-altering visuals and accompanying sound effects to their selfie images/videos.  This facial recognition/alteration software was available to Snapchat after, for $150 million, it acquired Looksery, a 2-year-old startup company based in San Francisco.

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When Snapchat Inc. rolled out the new software update to iOS and Android users, it included a handful of Lenses to pick from, including the popular rainbow puke one, to apply while recording a selfie and then send to friends.  Snapchat now adds brand new Lenses and removes old ones day-to-day to keep audiences entertained and engaged.

Snapchat Lenses examples

Similar to the Geofilters, what was once a non-profit feature on Snapchat is now being explored as an additional ad type for companies to purchase for marketing their brands.  Snapchat is in the works of pitching its “Sponsored Lenses” (also known as Geolenses) ad type offer to large companies.  The cost that these companies are looking at depends on the day(s) they wish for the lenses to be publicly available for Snapchatters to use, as the millions of global user views increase on weekends and even more so on holidays.  The prices follow as $450,000 per day for Sunday to Thursday, $500,000 for Fridays and Saturdays, and $700,000 for holidays.

The audience reach is massive, the cost is huge, and the big companies that’ll be buying up these ads can afford it (imagine a Disney-purchased Darth Vader helmet Lense).  Again, as I had mentioned in our previous post, this could possibly change to expand into smaller sectors.  Just as Snapchat has already targeted smaller communities via its other ad types, we might just see Snapchat do this again by creating more localized and affordable Sponsored Lenses (imagine a patriotic-esque Lense for a town’s local political candidate).

The possibilities are endless but until then, we’ll all be waiting to find out when the first Sponsored Snapchat Lense will be released and what will it be of?  Stay tuned.


UPDATE (10/30/15): Snapchat has unveiled its first Sponsored Lens and it's for the upcoming "The Peanuts Movie."

Snapchat Lense Peanuts Movie Charlie Brown


UPDATE (11/22/15): As the first consumer product brand to run a Sponsored Lens campaign, Apple's "Beats" sponsored a Snapchat Lens set to Drake music for Black Friday.

Snapchat Lens Apple Dre Beats Drake


UPDATE (5/23/16): 20th Century Fox buys its first Snapchat Lens takeover ad by offering users 9 Lens options to promote the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie, all while temporarily replacing the other usually-available Lenses to choose from.  Given these parameters, it can be assumed that this was a huge media purchase.

X-Men Apocalypse, Snapchat Lens, Takeover Ad


- Snapchat, and its Sponsored Lenses/Geolenses, is just one of the numerous platforms you can use to advertise to your target audience.
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